Bonded Warehouse Service


Our terminal is equipped with handling cargo facilities and a warehouse facility of 5000 m2 with all the technology required for safe, efficient and fast operations. Totally closed area with controlled access at the main gate and permanent surveillance. Strict safety rules on people, vehicles and cargo traffic.

Two industrial sheds with no columns; this optimizes space and guarantees safety in machinery and goods traffic. Double access and swivel-mounted sheds, no electric drive is needed. In line with international safety standarts to meet the most strict demands. High safety electrical installation, full control centralized switchboard, automatic switches for connection to electric generator in case of emergency.

The central dock was specially designed so that none of our customer’s vehicles have to operate in the street, open or non- surveillance places.

With high dock for direct or level berthing, for trucks with containers that operate simultaneously in both sheds of the warehouse.

Easy access and adequate facilities for light trucks and commercial vehicles. Fully lit for night operations.